Client Solutions - a different relationship

True partnerships are rare. Yet that is exactly what we aim for with our clients. We've found that they value differences such as

  • the objectivity of our candidate profiles
  • the quality of briefing notes and
  • keeping to an agreed communication schedule.

You would expect us to say that, though. How We've Delivered illustrates in greater detail how we actually operate - and what we achieve for clients.

Last year we handled over 400 assignments, working in all 6 continents. These ranged from Main Board Directors, through senior management, to functional specialists in every area of clients' businesses.

And that truly is partnership.....


Case Study

Spanish CEO without tears

The problem

A major insurance company needed a new CEO to build its business aggressively in Spain. The challenge was to attract candidates from the leading French general insurers to an under performing French subsidiary of a non-French company, albeit a leading global player.

Our approach

We targeted candidates in general insurance operations, mostly in France but also in the UK subsidiaries of French companies. Naturally, we used a Spanish-speaking researcher to identify candidates.

Our search needed several visits to our Madrid office to sell the opportunity to candidates and to nurture them through a delicate recruitment process.

What we delivered

Patience, commitment and market knowledge helped us convert previously uninterested candidates. We eventually secured a perceived 'heavy hitter' from one of the largest French general insurers.